Colorado Springs defense firm using gaming to train Space Force personnel

6/20/2021 – A Colorado Springs defense contractor wants to use a gaming-based training system it developed, with a name chosen from one of Star Trek’s most feared villains, to prepare U.S. Space Force personnel for their next assignment.

The Battle Space Operational Readiness Game, or BORG, was designed by Boecore to replace lengthy and ponderous Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks as the primary method of training satellite operators and other personnel for the nation’s newest military branch.

The Borg have appeared in several Star Trek episodes, series and movies as a collective, robot-like army that relentlessly attacks and enslaves other species. The name should appeal to the year-old Space Force, which organizes, trains and equips the military’s satellite troops and whose Space Operations Command is known as “SPOC” after Star Trek’s famous half-human, half-Vulcan Mr. Spock.

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