Developing Unique Capabilities That Improve Mission Success

What We Do

The Innovation Team at Boecore develops unique software solutions catered to the end-user that provide additional value to Boecore’s existing and new customers. Our team develops solutions that address gaps and challenges that our customers have in executing critical missions such as Space Operations.

Many of the software solutions that the Innovation team has developed come from concepts, problems, and ideas directly from our engineers in the field. This real-world approach to problem-solving allows Boecore’s Innovation Team to develop impactful customized solutions for our current customers as well as being integrated into our new business pursuits.

Our Vision:

Be a small business leader in discovering, developing, and delivering innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers that respond to their challenges and improve mission success. Innovate in a way that harnesses the creative talent and passion of our team in a drive towards differentiation and advancement of our core capabilities.

Who We Are

The Innovation Team at Boecore is a group of individual thinkers and developers set on finding viable solutions to take to the field. The team generates its software solutions to address the unique needs of our customers.

We innovate by:

  • Leveraging deep industry experience, domain expertise, and customer relationships to identify opportunities to develop and advance Boecore IP
  • Building off emerging & industry-accepted software development tools, technologies, and methodologies to provide our own forward-looking solutions
  • Providing an environment that fosters collaboration, experimentation, prototyping, discovery, learning, research, and development
  • Learning and continuously improving Boecore’s software development best practices & expertise to remain ahead of the ever-changing industry tides


Battlespace Operational Readiness – Boecore has developed a gamified mission planning and training experience for C2 Ops warfighters – including SCORE AND BORG, enhancing the ability to train Missile Defense operational concepts and Space operators enhancing their ability to meet mission requirements, while assimilating knowledge in an engaging way for more effective skill retention and mastery while combating traditional learning limitations. The Boecore solution applies the best practices of gaming techniques and technologies giving warfighters the ability to train when they can to keep their operational edge. In just minutes, users can engage in single or multi-player campaigns and skirmishes to hone their skills, compete against others, earn rewards and badges, and increase expertise levels. Our capability is mobile, engaging, cost-effective, and results in the motivation to train. It also provides instructors with learning performance and assessment metrics and reporting features to measure training effectiveness and an authoring mode to evolve curriculums rapidly. And to ensure effectiveness, data analytics on performance against learning objectives and scoring are key features, along with scenario authoring to easily create what-if scenarios on the fly for more effective mission planning.

Defensive Cyber Operations – Boecore has built out elements of a Cyber Risk Ecosystem in response to enduring needs shared by mission owners and Boecore cyber practitioners in the field. Our Innovation Team has been proving out crowd-sourcing and geo-location issue reporting, data inference, and risk-oriented dashboards in support of DCO missions across Commands. Additionally, Boecore has developed and is providing several RMF innovations to our customers, including our RMF Automation & Management Solution (RAMS) Product, Software Assurance Risk Assessment (SARA) Tool, and our RMF Best Practices Playbook, to aid in the efficiency and quality of RMF Accreditation efforts.

DevSecOps – DevSecOps – Boecore’s innovation team supports the Space CAMP/Platform One software factory with business operations, cybersecurity expertise, test automation frameworks, and product teams building out operational Space C2 products. To facilitate rapid, yet comprehensive, testing of software solutions through a CI/CD pipeline, we developed an OS agnostic Test Automation Framework (TAF) tool that provides a system to quickly create, deploy, and support automated testing.

Who We Work With

Boecore’s Innovation team works directly with our customers and end-users to develop software solutions unique to the programs and contracts we work on. Boecore’s Iinnovation team also collaborates and partners directly with other centers of innovation such as: CyberWorx, AFRL, AFWERX, NCC, PPCC, UCCS, C-TRAC, and Catalyst Campus.

Using UX/UCD/Design Thinking, Agile, and DevSecOps methodologies, Boecore is innovating by harnessing the creative talent and passion of our team in a drive towards differentiation and advancement of our core capabilities.

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