Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Full Lifecycle SE

Our Systems Engineers are providing full lifecycle Systems Engineering support, including requirements management, general product solution oversight, analysis of alternatives, and validation and verification of high-fidelity radar models, BMDS simulation models, early warning architecture upgrades, and OPIR system performance characteristics.

Model Based SE (MBSE)

Our engineers our supporting Model Based Systems Engineering methods using tools such as Enterprise Architect, Magic Draw, and Rhapsody to provide product focused Systems Engineering ensuring objectives and criteria are well understood for Delivery Order and Radar Model delivery.

Test and Integration

We are providing test and integration support for the development of the new Enterprise Ground Segment and for various mission systems including integrating Radar and Missile Threat Models for MDA system simulations.

Product Owners/Requirements Mgt/V&V

As key members of our Agile teams, our Product Owners are ensuring customer requirements are being met for multiple mission areas including high fidelity radar models. We are also providing integration of modifications and a new architecture of the Shared Early Warning System.

Knowledge Management Systems

Sharepoint Dev & Ops

We are providing key Knowledge Management system development and operations support for the US Space Force and the Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Strategic Command.

Data Management & Decision Dashboard development

Through Microsoft SharePoint, we are supporting multiple Knowledge Management systems providing data management, workflows, and decision dashboards supporting the National Space Defense Center and the Shared Early Warning system.

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