Specialized Mission Operations

Satellite Mission Planning and Ops

Concept of Operations and TTPs for the defense deployed space systems

Our SMEs are supporting the development of Space Battle Management Command & Control CONOPS maturation, Tactics, Technique’s & Procedures (TTPs), and COA development for the National Space Defense Center as well as Space Control CONOPS and TTPs for Army Space and Missile Defense Command.

Space Vehicle Lifecycle Mission Engineering

We are supporting a broad range of Mission Engineering roles including Mission Operators, Mission Engineers, Orbital Analysts, Mission Leads, Test Leads, and Operations Leads ensuring successful satellite missions at the RDT&E Support Complex (RSC).

Contact Automation

We are leading mission automation efforts by creating automation scripts to provide Pre-Pass equipment configuration, contact execution, contact termination and post-pass equipment de-configuration for various R&D satellite operations missions.

Factory and Launch Base Compatibility Testing

We are developing an Enterprise level cybersecurity architecture for a global network that provides shared early warning data by modernizing the system architecture to ensure confidentiality and integrity of US forces and Allied partners data and through Enterprise level IT services to the U.S. Space Force.

Payload Mission Planning and Operations

In support of RDT&E missions. our Mission Planners are playing an important role coordinating with Payload providers and other Mission Partners by receiving their tasking requirements and translating into SV Commands by developing, testing (via simulation) and generating SV Delta-V maneuvers to meet mission requirements and collision avoidance requirements, generating mission documentation, and on-console payload commanding and monitoring of telemetry outputs for anomalies developed over years of expertise conducting satellite operations.


MDA Event Support for BMDS Test & Evaluation

We are providing 24×7 on-console operations for elements of the BMDS used to simulate space-based infrared data for use in a variety of Missile Defense system simulations.

GMD Fire Control & Communications

We are providing 24×7 support with our Computer System Operators (CSOs) and Long-haul System Administrator/Network System Administrators (LSM/NSMs) to support to the GMD fire control (GFC) System and the GMD Communications Network (GCN).

24x7 Operations & Network Management

We are providing 24×7 mission critical support to global operations involving Ground Based Midcourse Defense and Shared Early Warning systems protecting the US and our Allies against potential Ballistic Missile attack.

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