Pushing the Technological Frontiers

Boecore engineers design software solutions and  — most importantly — capabilities, for a full spectrum of high-technology needs. They construct complex algorithmic models of current and future capability for Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) satellite constellations, produce highly accurate simulation capabilities for multiple missile-defense uses, and Boecore software engineers provide enhancements and sustainment support to critical radar sensors.

Boecore modeling-and-simulation software engineers design models that enable highly accurate simulations of missile-flight tests that, if launched in the real world, would cost hundreds of millions of dollars per event. Boecore’s innovative engineering provides the tools for the government to conduct critical “what-if” scenarios that prepare warfighters to defend against missile-based threats.

Boecore’s software solutions details:

Boecore performs concept studies and analysis, requirements definition and preliminary planning, and evaluates alternative technical approaches and associated costs for the development of enhanced high-level general performance specifications.

The company led development of sophisticated missile-threat models based on sanctioned missile profiles. It led software development for the MDA’s Threat Modeling Center (TMC), ensuring the timely development and delivery of high-fidelity threat-modeling products.

Boecore capabilities include designing, developing, maintaining, modifying and testing code used to integrate ballistic missile and aircraft models to support missile-defense events.

Another core capability is database architecture engineering. Boecore creates database objects, data-loading software and optimizes database queries.  Data architecture services focus on creating a vision and roadmap to support cost reduction, technology insertion, data visualization and improvements in database performance.

Boecore’s team of software engineers and analysts specializes in the architecture, design, implementation and maintenance of a suite of sensor models used for element and system-level analysis as well as verification and validation of models and simulations.

Boecore has experience and expertise building Geographical Information System (GIS)-based application, incorporating the Google Earth platform and integrating new interface/data acquisition for mapping and simulation for missile-defense support.

The software solutions team has conducted Support Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) tests required for National Team Integration. Boecore engineers produce software, scripts and algorithms and enhance existing software in support of integration efforts.

Although always pushing the edges of technology, Boecore software engineers also enable customers to continue support for legacy systems. Our engineers re-architect and refactor legacy software to improve maintainability, performance, reliability and capability, essentially adapting older tools to the modern technological landscape.

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