Software Development

Agile SW Dev

Building and Leading SCRUM Teams

Boecore is leading multiple SCRUM teams practicing Agile development to develop complex Mission Systems and other innovative software solutions including high fidelity Radar models, threat models, BMDS simulation, command and control systems, cybersecurity engineering, and gamified training solutions.

SCRUM & Kanban

Boecore is using industry standard Agile development approaches such as SCRUM and Kanban to deliver consistent, secure, and quality software products and services. We lead the execution and deployment of SCRUM sprint management by employing key Agile productivity metrics and team processes providing seamless and consistent product delivery.

Design Thinking

Boecore employs a Design Thinking approach to problem solving solutions for our customers. Using Design Thinking to assess requirements, propose a range of solutions, and iterate through prototyping and testing ensures our solutions meet our diverse customer’s needs.


Lean Principles

We implement Lean Principles across our engineering efforts through identification of value streams and continuous process improvement focused on the efficiency and quality of our engineering deliverables. Our deployment of Lean supports development pipelines utilizing automated integration and test processes.

CI/CD Pipelines

We support and use industry standard automated integration and deployment tools, such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitLab, and Puppet across multiple programs operating Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines.

Test Automation Framework (TAF)

To facilitate rapid, yet comprehensive, testing of software solutions through a CI/CD pipeline, we developed an OS agnostic Test Automation Framework (TAF) tool that provides a system to quickly create, deploy, and support automated testing.

Cyber-centric design

We integrate cybersecurity engineers and cyber compliance into our software development efforts by embedding cybersecurity professionals into our Agile SCRUM teams. This approach ensures cyber compliance is built into all of our projects

Software Solutions

Cross Domain Solutions

We integrate and configure Cross Domain Solutions into many operational environments including shared early warning systems used by our foreign military partners.

Re-architect & Refactor Legacy SW (Ground Seg)

Our engineers maintain and sustain a number of legacy mission systems by refactoring and enhancing current fielded baselines such as Air Force Satellite ground segment systems.


We are modernizing many legacy mission systems, such as radar systems that provide early warning and space situational awareness to extend their operational life by reducing obsolescence and enhancing capabilities, including cyber compliance, while allowing for continued use as operational requirements change.

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