High Fidelity Sensor Modeling

Complex algorithmic models

Boecore engineers are creating and enhancing complex algorithmic models that support high fidelity Radar models, threat models, and simulation efforts for the ongoing test and evaluation of Missile Defense Agency and Space Force systems.

Overhead Persistent InfraRed (OPIR) system performance analysis

We are developing enhanced analytical tools and test algorithms to analyze OPIR sensors, evaluate system performance, and provide recommendations for new strategic uses of OPIR data

Satellite Constellation and Mission Level Modeling and Simulation

We are providing Electro-Optical/Infra-Red Phenomenology expertise used to calculate key performance measures that feed into the creation of new requirements for OPIR sensors.

Radar Processing

We are enhancing high fidelity radar models which simulate receive windows, signal processing, and other behaviors such as scheduling, discrimination, waveform handling, and message handling for SBX, AN-TPY2, and UEWRs used by the MDA for performance analysis and test and evaluation purposes.

Physics Based Mod/Sim

3DOF/6DOF modeling and simulation

We are providing technical expertise to assess and analyze multiple ballistic missile threats and providing performance analysis to increase our ability to neutralize those threats.

Threat/Missile Phenomenology

We are performing analysis on collected threat data to enhance models of physical phenomenology of ballistic missiles which include complex software-based Radar Cross Sections (RCS) for insertion into MDA system simulations for test and evaluation purposes.

Missile Plume Signature and Hardbody Analysis

We are supporting the delivery of ballistic missile threat models which include complex software-based infrared plume and hardbody signature models for insertion into MDA system simulations.

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