From Warfighter Training to Missile Defense

Boecore’s Mission Operations engineers support a wide range of operational systems and programs. They are on the forefront of satellite space exploration, flying prototype satellites and working to ensure the nation is protected against missile-based threats. They also provide vital space-defense training for the U.S. military.

Boecore’s Mission Operations engineers monitor satellite and payload telemetry streams and analyze the data to detect and correct potential mission-critical issues.  They use state of the art tools, such as System Tool Kit (STK)/Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) to provide orbit determination and orbital analysis data to define, refine and predict optimal satellite orbits for prototype satellites. Boecore engineers provide full space vehicle lifecycle mission engineering – from satellite launch and early orbit operations, on-orbit operations, to space vehicle end-of-life retirement/disposal.

Providing support to missile defense is a key Boecore capability. Boecore engineers ensure the systems responsible for protecting the US against ballistic missile threats remain operational. Its missile defense Mission Operations engineers provide 24/7 network management and circuit management support for the Long Haul Communication network supporting the Ground-based Missile Defense (GMD) Fire Control & Communications (GFC/C) segments as well as providing encryption support for KIV-7 encryption devices. Our engineers perform real-time network monitoring using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alert systems and DISA Integrated Network Management System (INMS) NeuralStar.

Boecore space-training experts work every day to improve space knowledge across the Army in support of the Army Space Training Strategy (ASTS). They provide hands-on demonstration and classroom instruction in ASTS, Orbits, Satellite Communications, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Global Positioning System, Intelligence Collection, and Jamming Mitigation.  Our trainers provide demonstrations and training on iSpace applications, Tactical Operation Center in a box, Rapid Deployable Aerial Surveillance System (RDASS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) and SATCOM interference training kits. Our focus is on ensuring we deliver a “real world” training environment that will enable the warfighter to successfully accomplish the defense-of-space missions.

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