Mission Training

Operational Training

Operator Training/Certification and Scenario Tools Development

We are leading Training and Certification efforts for Mission Operators and Army Space Control Teams by developing training regimens and lead efforts to shorten operator qualification timeframes while still ensuring personnel are prepared to execute the often-complex mission requirements.

Space Control Crew Training

Our Space Mission specialists are providing training to the 1st Space Brigade of the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command. We support training, evaluation, and certification of 1st Space Battalion Soldiers who comprise the Army Space Support Teams, JTAGS, and Space Control Crews. Training includes Army Space Training Strategy (ASTS), SatCom, ES, GPS, Intel, and Jamming Mitigation.

Shared Early Warning Training

We are providing specialized training to our Foreign Military partners in the use of provided Theater Shared Early Warning Systems used to detect the potential Ballistic Missile attack.

Training Systems

C2BMC Training

Our software engineers are supporting the development of training systems for the MDA C2BMC system enhancing the ability to train and certify C2BMC operators for their mission requirements.

Boecore Gamified Training Solutions

Boecore is developing and providing gamified training solutions, including SCORE and BORG, enhancing the ability to train Missile Defense operational concepts and Space operators enhancing their ability to meet mission requirements.

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