Experience in the Complexities

Enterprise networks are the foundation for connectivity and productivity. All of the capabilities needed to support customer missions are enabled through complex enterprise networks and the highly skilled engineers who support them.

Boecore engineers support the architecture, design, operation and sustainment of some of the government’s most sophisticated communication networks.  Boecore provides leadership as well as expert practitioners that support the Missile Defense Agency’s enterprise network, the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command networks as well as networks that support the Navy’s tactical training ranges.  They support network administration activities for classified and unclassified systems and numerous mission enclaves on networks consisting of over 550 special circuits, 150 geographical locations and thousands of network IS devices. Boecore engineers ensure these networks achieve greater than 99.9% availability.

Boecore’s Enterprise Network skills include implementing Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks with a three-tier support model, which has resulted in improved quality of service to near Class-IV (99.99%) service availability.

Boecore engineers also support system administration for nearly 1,000 servers (Windows, Unix, Linux), more than 13,000 PCs (desktops, laptops, thin clients, zero clients), 2,300 handheld devices and 160 enterprise software applications.  Tasks include hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, configuration and repair, as well as technology roadmap planning, future architectural studies, continuous improvement and daily operation and maintenance.

Boecore’s enterprise network expertise has been forged by years of experience leading and managing task orders worth over $200 million per year. Boecore technical leaders manage large teams (400-500 team members) who provide Network Monitoring and Management, Server Management, Email Services, Telephony, Video Teleconferencing, Network Defense and Information Assurance, Service Desk, Desktop Support and other IT services across multiple geographic regions

The company’s personnel lead architecture and engineering teams that create Enterprise IT Roadmaps. Those roadmaps are designed to get you ahead of the curve, considering future objectives, evolving technologies and addressing changing customer priorities.

Boecore supports the design of enhancements to the IT environment including networks, servers, desktops and virtualized environments. These designs incorporate Computer Network Defense (CND) protocols for boundary protection and monitoring and usage monitoring.

Whether implementing new boundary-protection technology or sustaining mission-critical network connectivity, Boecore engineers provide customers with the ability to transform the way they do business.

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