Cybersecurity Operations

Analyzing & Reducing cyber threats & vulnerabilities

Our Cybersecurity professionals are providing cybersecurity support by analyzing and reducing cyber threats and vulnerabilities from localized networks, long haul networks, operational systems, and national threat intrusion monitoring.

Vulnerability Analysis

Our Cybersecurity professionals are enacting strategies to establish a system-unique battle rhythm to ensure compliance and consistency with vulnerability management processes to maintain systems at or below prescribed DoD thresholds for vulnerabilities per host. Our ongoing efforts are frequently lauded as exceptionally effective by inspectors at various levels as model for program vulnerability management.

Incident Response

We are supporting cyber incident responses at the National level through a methodical approach to potential cyber-attacks through the use of industry standard processes and tools.

Intrusion monitoring

We are implementing and managing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that combine software tools and services with security information management providing real-time analysis of security alerts from network hardware and applications.

Forensics & Malware analysis

We are providing digital forensics and malware analysis to analyze and discover system threats used to produce mitigation responses and systems recovery through supporting the US CERT in its mission of threat collaboration and information sharing across federal agencies and industry.

Network and System Accreditation

Full lifecycle RMF

Our RMF Engineers are providing full life-cycle RMF implementation from categorization of new systems and networks, to continuous monitoring, endpoint protection, vulnerability management as the final step in the life-cycle across all of our customer bases using tools such as HBSS (ESS), ACAS, STIG Viewer, Xylok, Splunk and other SIEM solutions. We are also using Agile methodologies for RMF such as Kanban to manage workload, communication, and teamwork.

ATO & Continuous ATO

We have participated in nearly 100 RMF system accreditations efforts, that have included taking bounded networks and systems through the entire ATO process, and are leading efforts bringing new concepts such as Continuous ATOs to speed the deployment of new capabilities to our supported mission systems.

Enterprise Networks

Our RMF Engineers are providing RMF artifact collection and management for multiple development, test and integration, and operational networks, including global networks spanning 4 U.S. Combatant Commands.

RMF Tool Development

Boecore has developed and is providing several RMF innovations to our customers, including our RMF Automation & Management Solution (RAMS) Product, Software Assurance Risk Assessment (SARA) Tool, and our RMF Best Practices Playbook, to aid in the efficiency and quality of RMF Accreditation efforts.

Cyber Defense Engineering

DCO capability deployment

We are supporting the development and deployment of Defensive Cyber Operations products that provide near real-time threat detection, event collection, data analysis, and data queuing and storage modernizing intrusion and host detection and protection systems.

Enterprise security architecture

We are developing an Enterprise level cybersecurity architecture for a global network that provides shared early warning data by modernizing the system architecture to ensure confidentiality and integrity of US forces and Allied partners data and through Enterprise level IT services to the U.S. Space Force.

Cyber decision accelerator

We have developed a real-time cyber risk assessment system through our Cyber Readiness Strategic Innovation Project (CR SIP) that enhances mission leadership’s ability to respond to potential cyber-attacks.  Our solution is enabled by our implementation of crowdsourcing, the use of an AI inference engine, and advanced visualization.

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