Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

Boecore engineers solve complex problems across a wide range of technical areas – from modeling mission-critical sensors for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to supporting the future architecture design for the Space Based Infrared Satellite constellation.

boecore capabilitesBoecore’s Software and Cyber Capability Practice Groups (CPGs) were formed to take advantage of the power of collaboration among our highly skilled engineers. The CPG teams not only focus on solving current issues our customers are facing, they also peer around the corner, researching solutions that anticipate future needs as technology continues to evolve.

Collaboration between our software and cyber engineers allows them to learn from one other and then take their new skills back to their customers. Boecore is proud to provide a climate for innovation that benefits our customers, while creating more opportunities for our employees.

Boecore’s innovative approach to software engineering and cyber security allows us to provide full-spectrum cyber capability. By taking advantage of our cyber security engineers’ threat knowledge and our software engineers’ ability to build custom tools and close security holes, we bring together the key pieces of the cyber-security puzzle.

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