It Started With an Idea

Kathy Boe, a former software engineer, founded Boecore with the idea of creating an engineering services firm dedicated to ethical practices. Kathy realized that trust was the most valuable commodity in the defense industry, and she would commit her company to build that trust brick by brick, contract by contract, year by year, at Boecore. Kathy’s dedication to unwavering ethical practices not only lead Boecore to remarkable growth but also attracted some of the highest energy employees who share that vision with her today.



Those people would set the foundation for Boecore’s initial and ongoing success. From the beginning, Kathy realized that top-down management would not bring about the best results for employees or customers. So, she turned the organization chart upside down, creating a servant leadership team that focused on providing outstanding customer service for employees. It didn’t take long to confirm that satisfied employees resulted in satisfied customers.

Today Boecore remains committed to its customers and employees – our commitment shows in the way our employees bring their “A” game to every program Boecore supports, whether as a prime or subcontractor. It shows in the way Boecore recognizes and celebrates employee life events such as a new baby or a wedding or the way our customers appreciate the contributions that our employees bring to their programs.

The next chapter of Boecore’s history includes the acquisition of Boecore by an Aerospace and Defense investment company named EnlightENment Capital. The partnership with Enlightenment Capital strengthens Boecore’s capability to peruse more contract opportunities, add new technologies to your portfolio, and further develop and deploy our space and missile defense visualization, gamification, and planning solutions. Boecore will serve as Enlightenment Capital’s latest platform company, as the firm builds a premium provider of emerging space and strategic defense technologies, while maintaining the employee centric culture that forms the backbone of Boecore.

The Boecore Way means that Boecore employees quickly realize they are not (and never will be) just a number.

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