Missile Defense Agency


  • Joint National Integration Center (JNIC) Research and Development Contract (JRDC)
  • Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD-DSC)
  • SBIR Phase 1 – BMC3 Planning Gamification
  • Radar Test Contract (RTC)
  • Specialized Warfare Development Contract (SWDC)


  • Command Information Management System II (CIMS II)
  • Space & Missile Defense Advisory & Assistance Services (SMDA2S)
  • Army Aviation and Missile Command Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (AMCOM EXPRESS)
  • Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration (D3I)

Air Force


  • Space Test & Engineering Contract 2014 (STEC14)
  • Enhanced Polar System – Control & Planning Segment (EPS CAPS)
  • Space Based Infrared Systems (ISSD)
  • Systems Engineering and Sustainment Integrator (SENSOR)
  • Consolidated Air Force Satellite Control Network Modifications, Maintenance and Operations (CAMMO)
  • Shared Early Warning System (SEWS II)
  • Integration Test & Evaluation Center  (ITEC-B)


  • Cross Domain Solution (CDS)
  • NORAD Integrated Space Support Contract (NISSC)

Department of Homeland Security

  • United States Computer Emergency Response Team (USCERT)
  • Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II)


  • Combined Tactical Training Range (CTTR)
  • System Engineering And Analysis/Advanced Technology Support (SEAPORT-E)

Commercial Space

  • United Launch Alliance (ULA) – Accelerated Infrastructure Consolidation (AIC)

Office of Secretary of Defense

  • Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

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